“You have five trueborn children,” Jon said. “Three sons, two daughters. The direwolf is the sigil of your House. Your children were meant to have these pups, my lord.”  x

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me: hey maybe today's gonna be a good day
hair: no
family: no
school: no
life: no

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Dear whomever took this photo and posted it: thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I really needed a high-quality dose of Halloween cute today. 

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I did not see that coming.

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Are you trying to tell me that you think that I am Anastasia ? - Anastasia (1997)
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George R.R. Martin at San Diego Comic Con 2014 (x)

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Quotes from awesome female characters:
↳ ❝ No uterus, no opinion.❞ - Rachel Green from Friends
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daddy makes the perfect bun

omg this is the cutest thing

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;D hehehe

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